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As a successful educational leader for over 33 years, Ted Alejandre is committed to:

  • Collaborating with teachers, parents, administrators, board members and other partners to improve our educational system through bold leadership, courageous advocacy and effective governance;
  • Displaying a relentless determination to closing our access and achievement gap; ensuring strong networks of support for each child and believing in high expectations for every student;
  • Increasing high school and college graduation rates;
  • Fostering and strengthening community trust in public education by sharing a common vision for our children focused on preparing them for success;
  • Investing resources to create and promote model programs for state preschool, special education and alternative education students;
  • Championing the innovative and effective uses of technology to accelerate student learning;
  • Being a broker of excellence - creating collaborative systems across all sectors to identify best practices, facilitating professional development for teachers and administrators, and engaging parents and families to be active partners to ensure student achievement; and
  • Proactively and strategically responding to district needs determined to ensure success of instructional priorities for all students.


Paid for by Alejandre for
Superintendent 2022

FPPC #1407166
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